Musical Philosophy

"You are the music while the music lasts."- T.S. Eliot 




The marimba is an unusual instrument because it is, relatively speaking, brand new when compared to other classical concert instruments. This juvenescence can be both exciting and daunting for marimbists. The artist can boldly explore their own path or fall back on established interpretations.

Larissa has never liked relying on ingrained conventions to get her through learning a piece.  She is not comfortable with the common practice of listening to recordings of pieces she is learning; Larissa feels the musical ideas should come from her, not from another musician.




Larissa realizes that there will always be someone who will tell you that what you're doing  is wrong because you're not employing the same expression, tempo, phrasing, or what ever, as everyone else.  This knowledge and acceptance that she cannot please everyone allows her to feel free to play for herself.  Larissa experiences a profound difference when she plays in tune with her personal musical objectives instead of being hemmed in and stultified by expectations.


Larissa is a musician capable of opening channels through which musical communications shine.