Marimba Mission

Sharing the Enchantment of Marimba Music With Everyone.


 Mission Statement: 

Larissa is dedicated to bringing her music and inspiration into schools and communities, with a focus on expanding opportunities in culturally limited areas 


What makes the marimba special?

 The marimba draws people into its spell with a two-fold quality:


First, the marimba is a very relatable instrument.  People can easily imagine themselves playing it.  There are no hidden mechanics as to how the instrument works, the player is simply striking wood with mallets.

Second, there is something primal about the rich capitaving tones that come from this visually striking instrument.  It's as if the vibration of the wood enters a person physically to resonate in their core. 



Larissa remembers being completely entranced the first time she heard the instrument:

"I was signing up to be in the school band program. The band director needed some keyboard percussionists for the marching band so he uncovered this giant instrument of bars and tubes and played a basic scale.   The sound that filled the room was like nothing I'd ever heard before; I was completely captivated and I knew I had found my instrumental match."


Now, Larissa aims to bring the marimba experience to all people; young or old, student or spectator.  Anyone who has the pleasure of seeing and hearing Larissa Venzie discovers an exciting new appreciation for the marimba.  Whether or not you have heard a marimba before, Larissa delights in bringing this alluring instrument to audiences.