Gordon Stout:

One of the most revered percussionists of all time, Gordon Stout is featured as a marimbist, composer, and educator around the globe.  His performances are inspiring and his compositions are invigorating and thought-provoking.







Thomas Marceau:

Tom Marceau is a wonderful up-and-coming marimbist and composer.  He is one of Larissa's favorite composers and she delights in his beautiful and compelling music.   Marceau's compositions are published through HoneyRock Publishing.






DeMorrow Instruments Ltd:

DeMorrow marimbas are handcrafted masterpieces of sound and beauty.  They are constructed and tuned by hand to the highest standards while being one of the least expensive instruments on the market!  DeMorrow offers models perfect for students, schools, and professionals.  No other marimba comes close to producing the soundscape of the DeMorrow.