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Because Larissa is a Virginia Commission for the Arts Touring Artist, financial assistance may be available to subsidize Larissa's fees.  To see if you are eligible to recieve an assistantance grant go to

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*All fees are negotiable.

Solo Performances

Larissa’s musical offerings range from classical works to contemporary pieces by the finest marimba composers from all over the world.  When she performs, Larissa entertains her audiences with both music and narration; interspersing her selections with background information on the pieces she is performing.  These stories and insights give the listener a better understanding of a unique sound that has been described as "liquid music."


  • Concert   ($800)

Each performance offers a vibrant and unique exposure to the fascinating world of marimba.

Through her distinct ability to capture the audience with the fluid and elegant magic of this instrument and the personal rapport she creates with the audience, Larissa keeps the listener engaged and entranced.

Each performance contains approximately one hour of music.


  • Salon   ($500)

Salon performances harken back to the days when musicians performed for small groups in homes to entertain as well as stimulate learning and conversation. 

This intimate recital setting is perfect for entertaining small business or community orginizations or when you want to treat your guests to a special indulgence.

Each performance contains approximately one hour of music.




Educational Programs

Larissa is a product of Appalachia, being born and raised in a small town in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Coming from this background, she understands the limitations that might seem insurmountable to rural youth.  Now, Larissa wants to encourage and inspire other musicians from rural areas and show them the world is open to all who dare to follow their dreams.

Services will be age-appropriate and tailored to fit each school’s specific needs and areas of interest.

  • Masterclass   ($400)

Larissa will work with a group of students on prepared musical selections and/or specific marimba related topics. 

Masterclasses are appropriate for middle school, high school, and college students. 

Service covers up to 2 hours.   


  •    Lecture/Demonstration   ($400)

Schools may choose from a variety of topics relating to marimba performance, technique, and musical interpretation through a combination of demonstration and discussion. 

Services are appropriate for elementary schools through college levels. 

Service covers up to 2 hours.

  • Private Lesson   ($35 per hour, $20 per half hour)

Private Lessons are offered to a limited number of serious students only.

The ability to read music, including both treble and bass clefs, is required.

Lessons are available to students of any age. 



If you are interested in hiring Larissa or have any questions please contact her at:


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